Hello and welcome to Engi no Shouzoku! We are a cosplay group of friends who have decided to make a page together. Some competitions we do together, but we're mainly about having fun. Check out our performance group, Kageshien, to see if we're coming to a con near you!

Note: Both Engi no Shouzoku! and Kageshien memberships are invites only and are quite the rarity. Only through invites by Yunie and Auria will we allow membership into Engi or Kageshien; we don't hold auditions. Questions? Contact the Webmistress and Engi Founder at unicorn986@aol.com.

Site is still under reconstruction. Links are broken here and there! Please do pardon the mess!

Update - June 22, 2019 - Side pages for each cosplayer are being worked on. Costumes are going up as well! Yunie's newest Poison Ivy costume page is now up and her finished costumes page is now updated!







The Performance Troupe, Kageshien!