Hello and welcome to Engi no Shouzoku! We are a cosplay group of friends who have decided to make a page together. Some competitions we do together, but we're mainly about having fun. Check out our performance group, Kageshien, to see if we're coming to a con near you!

Note: Both Engi no Shouzoku! and Kageshien memberships are invites only and are quite the rarity. Only through invites by Yunie and Auria will we allow membership into Engi or Kageshien; we don't hold auditions. Questions? Contact the Webmistress and Engi Founder at unicorn986@aol.com.

Site is still under reconstruction. Links are broken here and there! Please do pardon the mess!

Update - June 19, 2018 - Side pages for each cosplayer are being worked on. Costumes are going up as well! Yunie's Ms. Marvel costume page is now updated!







The Performance Troupe, Kageshien!