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This page is a place to check out Teca's future costumes!

Mord Sith from the Sword of Truth Series Psylocke from X-Men Priss's Hardsuit from Bubblegum Crisis Nene's Hardsuit from Bubblegum Crisis Linna's Hardsuit from Bubblegum Crisis Sylia's Hardsuit from Bubblegum Crisis Blink from X-Men Scarlet from G.I. Joe 

Cagalliís Flight Suit from Gundam Seed Akatsuki from Gundam Seed Destiny Karen from Code Geass Zelgadis from Slayers Kamui from Tsubasa Nell from Bleach 

All characters (c) their rightful owners. All costumes (c) the members of Engi, please do not use pictures without permission.